Frequently Asked Questions

What personal care do you provide for our pet?

We provide 24 hour supervision and treat each pet like family with tender, loving care.

Where does my pet sleep?

At The Bed and Biscuit Pet Resort there is a free reign for your pet to sleep wherever they feel the most comfortable.

Our pet sleeps in bed with us, can they sleep with you?

Fortunately we have a California King Bed with doggie steps, so there is plenty of room for your pet.

If I choose to have my pet crated, can I provide my own crate?

Yes, you must provide the crate, we are a cageless facility, but we do understand that some pets are puppy crate trained and some pets prefer to sleep in their crate.

Why should I bring my pet to The Bed and Biscuit Pet Resort?

We provide individualized care for each pet. Our environment is clean and sanitized daily with all pet friendly products. We have 24 hour supervision and are privately owned.

What happens if my pet experiences separation anxiety?

Give your hugs and kisses at home. I will take your pet at check-in. Separation anxiety can be an issue, but pets always do better once the pet parent has left. We do allow phone calls & Facetime with your pet if desired.

Are pets fed separately?

Yes, pets are fed separately and we will follow any special feeding instructions.

Upon check-in, will other pets over excite my pet?

At time of Check-In once your pet gets used to the new environment, each pet is introduced individually so as to not get overwhelmed. 

Why are my pet's dog beds, blankets, toys and dog bowls not allowed?

For sanitary reasons we supply our own products, we are known for our cleanliness.

Why do you require an exit bath?

For sanitary reasons we want to return each pet freshly bathed to their pet parent upon check out. We are often complimented by this additional resort service.